Brogues with heels

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Now here’s a way to wear brogues. If you haven’t  bought yourself a pair of flat brogues yet, because they didn’t flatter your leg shape, or you perceived them to be a bit frumpy –  try brogues with heels. Above: Brogues with coloured shoes laces,Boden

Love the idea of coloured laces – you could buy some extra pairs to suit your outfit! I found this website with coloured shoe laces  at, adding a nice style twist to your classic brogues.


Desginer shoes,

Designer style brogues – Bottega Veneta brogues, at Shop Style


w omens brogues,

Affordable high-end, high street fashion. Agatha brogue, Hobbs London

print dress , winter dresses, brogues with heels,

Anouk print dress at Boden


Brogues with heels, to wear with dresses, trousers to work (boot cut and flared), or as a practical, wearable option to go with all your jean styles. Let me know if you get some!

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