That back to school September feeling…

Back to school, M & S safari shirt, Asos denim trousers, converse trainers,

I’ve got that back-to-school September feeling with my wardrobe – but we don’t want to contemplate wearing a full on winter wardrobe just yet, do we?

The arrival of September and the new winter collections, does not necessarily mean that I am rushing to the shops to purchase new buys. I’m going to extend my summer season wardrobe for as long as possible, but perhaps I need at least one new piece of cheery knitwear for September layering, as some of my knitwear from last season, is looking a bit ‘pilled’ – (my fault, should have stretched the budget on quality!)

Today I’m wearing - my stretchy fabric, safari shirt with lots of gilt buttons, and shoulder lapel details from M&S – a similar one here ,not exactly the same as mine I’m afraid… but it’s also similar in style to my Next shirt from a previous post here. This Next shirt is still going strong – I love stretchy fabric, very forgiving!

My M & S shirt is styled here with my lightweight chambray denim  trousers ( not jeans, I might add) from Asos similar style here – although that model looks like Rhianna, and obviously,  I don’t! My chambray jeans/trousers  are, ever so slightly harem style in design, with an elasticated waist – thank goodness for that feature!  Accessorized with white All Star Converse  trainers from Office, and a white leather watch from a selection here at  M &S.

Zara green lace skit, TM Lewin black merio top, knitwear, M & S patent belt, accessories,

Today I could also be wearing… my M & S shirt (instead of  my black top featured above), with this Zara lace skirt – which would  smarten up for a day at the office or a meeting.

So hello and welcome back to my Weekly Style Blog. Do let me know if you need any style advice, or ask away via the comment box at the foot of this post. You may wish to book an Autumn Wardrobe Weeding Session, as unfortunately, our days are numbered when it comes to wearing our summer wardrobes…

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