Fringe Benefits

black leather bag, fringe bag,

The Fringe has had a makeover, so seek out your Fringe Benefit style with some new winter accessories.  Meli Melo’s style staple bag above, favoured by celebrities and bloggers. View Meli Melo fringed Bon Bon bag.

Isabel Marant designer, suede fringe boots

French fashion designer Isabel Marant’s sell- out fringed slouched suede boots at H & M above.

designer shoes, Jimmy Choo, evening sandals,

Forget black fringed biker jackets – glamourus designer style evening shoes by Jimmy Choo at above.

Sam Edelman shoes, footwear, boots fringed suede ankle boots,

Sam Edelman is a well established  New York shoe designer with an impressive C.V. View  Sam Edelman’s fringed boots at  pictured above, and his black suede fringed high heel ankle boot at here.

I love his footwear and these fringed suede ankle boots. For more of his shoe creations and designs visit his website at 

black leather ankle boots,

Clarks fringed tasseled ankle boots above. Wear fringed boots with skinny jeans and leggings, or style with skirts, dresses and thick winter tights, when the chill sets in.

black scarf, snood,

Bank fringed snood above –  to add to a plain sweater, or long sleeve shirt. Blend a black fringed scarf with a dark shade top, like midnight blue, black, bitter chocolate or slate grey. If you are looking for discreet fringed style, look out for fringed tasseled details like these Dents gloves here.  Remember, to only wear one fringed accessory at once!

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